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CCK is a module that should already be in core.

The Content Construction Kit allows you to add fields to your content types.

There is not one Drupal site that I have built that has not used CCK. It is a must. CCK provides text, date, image, link, node reference and many more.

Download CCK module

Views 2

I would have to say the best contributed module to Drupal is Views.
The best part of upgrading to Drupal 6.x is Views 2.
Views offer an easy way to display content. It is a query builder of content. There are so many cool things you can do with views and there are so many other modules that integrate with views. Not only that but you can export your views and put them in code to distribute to other sites.
Views make it really easy to theme your view and even provides you with theme information in your view so you know exactly what the name your template file.