Drupal Scalability

Lately I have been approached by many companies questioning the performance and scalability of Drupal.  As more and more sites are using Drupal with many more vistitors, this is a really important issue that needs to be addressed.  I have always considered this issue to be the responsibility of the system administrators but what I am finding out is that most SA's don't know a thing about Drupal or really care to learn.  An vice versa, Drupal developers like myself don't really have an interest or knowledge in working with server optimization.

It is time for the two to come together. 

I understand what it takes to make Drupal more scalable but I looking for someone to work with to help me better understand how to implement solutions to improve the performance of Drupal at a high level. 

This has become a new mission for Fuzetto Web Solutions in 2010.



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Memcache, Pressflow and the throttle module

Memcache is widely used in the php community but if you don't understand how to configure it then it causes more problems.  I recently installed memcache on a Drupal site and I couldn't upload images and I received all kinds of errors in the gallery module.

Memcache seems to work a little bit better with Drupal 6.x than 5.x.  At least with Drupal 6.x you don't have to install a dozen or more patches just to get it to work.  I don't recommend turning on memcache unless you understand how to configure it.  Since I have not figure that out yet, I just turned it off for now.  

So I moved on to PressflowPressflow is just a distributution of Drupal with a bunch of patches applied to it to enhance performance, scalability and availabity.  Pressflow is as easy as Drupal to install but I have yet to see improvements.

The throttle module is a core Drupal module.  It allows you to throttle modules and blocks to help performance especially if your site is on a shared server.