Let's all COPE

With my daily FB news updates I came across this article titled "CMSs are dead, long live CMSs". CMSs dead already?  The last decade was all about using CMSs to manage content on a website.  I can remember when I first started creating websites back in the 90s.  Everything was static.  As I learned each technology it came very apparent to me and my clients that there had to be some tool that allowed users to update their content.  Now this guy is saying that CMSs are dead?  Well no, that is not actually what the article is about.

"We should be thinking about Future friendly content, structured content, mobile first, COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere). Content needs to be structured and needs to be flexible, and that means we're not just editing web pages anymore. Instead we need to think about Microdata, RDF, RSS, Web Services, mobile first, Apps, etc, and of course whatever the future may bring."

The CMS has to evolve into what the world needs.  Fortunately Drupal is on the right path to make this happen and Fuzetto Web Solutions are proud users and contributers of the Drupal project.