Fuzetto Web Solutions offers group training and one-on-one mentoring.

We customize our training based on the needs of the individuals that are participating. Training can include site building, site administration, module development, theming and much more.

One-on-one mentoring is individual support for learning Drupal or just helping people getting through troubles they are having.

Please contact us if you are interested in Drupal Training and you will be contacted when the next training session is scheduled.

Drupal Scalability

Lately I have been approached by many companies questioning the performance and scalability of Drupal.  As more and more sites are using Drupal with many more vistitors, this is a really important issue that needs to be addressed.  I have always considered this issue to be the responsibility of the system administrators but what I am finding out is that most SA's don't know a thing about Drupal or really care to learn.  An vice versa, Drupal developers like myself don't really have an interest or knowledge in working with server optimization.

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We offer full service business to business web solutions and consulting services. We provide easy to use tools that allow users to maintain and manage the content, marketing and functionality of their website.

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