More than 20 years experience in designing/developing websites.

What is Drupal?

    * An Open Source Web Content Management Framework
    * Also, a Content Management System built on top of this CMF
    * Also, an extensible plugin engine
    * Also, a vibrant online community

What does Drupal compete with?

    * Directly
          o Joomla
          o Plone
          o Expression Engine
    * Indirectly
          o Wordpress
          o Sharepoint
          o Ruby on Rails.

Who uses Drupal?

    * Newspapers & Mags
          o The Onion, New York Observer, Washington Post, Mother Jones
    * Big Media
          o Sony, Warner Brothers, MTV, Lifetime Television
    * Governments & NGO's
          o, DNC, Amnisty International, New York Senate, Oxfam
    * Everyone
          o Zappos, Sun, Adobe, FedEx


    * Requirements
          o Server connected to internet (Any OS)
          o PHP 5
          o Webserver (Apache)
          o Database (MySQL 5)
          o Mail Server
          o Drupal 6.12

The goal of any web CMS is to separate areas of concern.

    * Site Building
    * Theming
    * Content Creation
    * Maintenance

Extremely Flexible

    * Open everything to everybody (wiki model)
    * Single content creation phase (Brochure model)
    * Constant content creation by trusted users (Blog model)
    * Formal creation, editing and publishing (Newspaper model)
    * And many more